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The Returning of Latics Youth

Two youth players in Rob Kiernan and Lee Mustoe both finished their loan stints this week. Yet Nouha Dicko who was expected to stay till the end of the season at Blackpool has been recalled by the club.

Charlie Crowhurst

With the FA Cup up coming this weekend, it was no surprise that Rob Kiernan and Lee Mustoe will not see their loans extended for the time being. Both of them are likely to join Callum McManaman, Roman Golobart and Daniel Redmond who are likely to feature in the weekends game against Bournemouth.

Yet one player returning from loan has been unexpected. The attacking winger Nouha Dicko has been recalled by Latics. The 20 year old winger was signed on a free over a summer ago, and has had two successful loan spells away at Blackpool has he learns his trade. That was set to continue to the end of the current season.

Why the sudden change? Could it be a hint that we are looking to sell another striker? Rumours have been circulating that Mauro Boselli could be on his way out this window. Is Dicko coming in for cover till we can sign someone? This is of course all hypothetical, but Dicko's return has to be wondered about.

The winger did have a good 12 months at Blackpool, playing 32 games and scoring nine goals in his time there. Defiantly a talent who could make an impact for the side.