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Latics Close to Spanish Goalkeeping Star?

Rumours are increasing as it looks like Wigan could be closing in on yet another signing. This time it is a goalkeeper that will be joining the side. What does this mean for Ali Al Habsi's place in the team?

Angel Martinez

The rumour started about two days ago, yet as all rumours you dismiss what you hear and get on with you life. Yet this one is now starting to gather quite a bit of pace and is now worth looking into. The player in question we are looking at is Spanish born goalkeeper simply known as Joel.

The 22 year old 6ft5 goalkeeper is currently third choice at Atletico Madrid and his playing choices have been limited. Last season he went on loan to Spanish club Rayo Vallencano, and now it looks like he will be coming on loan here, with a clause for the club to buy him permanently.

So why are Atletico willing to give him up? Well they have a number one goalkeeper in Thibaut Courois who is on loan from Chelsea. Now Athletico want the money to buy him, to do that they have to sell of their own talent to bring in the cash, and that is where we come in to help out.

According to the Spanish media, Wigan have the goalkeeper on trial at the present time, and he and Athletico will pen a loan agreement with Wigan. A clause is believed to be available so Wigan can buy the goalkeeper if we so choose, how much is unknown.

If these stories are true, then does this mean the end for Ali Al Habsi? It could well be, but until anything is concrete there is no point wondering what could be. However on Joel's Wikipedia page it has already been added that he is on loan to Wigan? Does someone know something that the rest of us don't?

There is more to follow on this story I am sure.