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Suspension Update: Wigan Athletic to Appeal James McClean Red Card

In the last hour the club has officially announced they will appeal the red card issued to winger James McClean at the end of the game against Blackpool FC at the weekend.

Mike Hewitt

With only a few minutes of the game left at the weekend, I think we saw one of the strangest decisions by a referee against a Wigan team (I am going to put it second behind the Blackburn Rover corner).

James McClean went up for a header with Gary MacKenzie, nothing wrong as both players went up for the header. MacKenzies arm was a little astray but to be fair to any player that does happen during the course of a game and I think you can let them go. What happened next is what set McClean ragging.

The defenders foot was deliberately brought down onto James's leg, so when James jumped up there was a certain understanding for his reaction. The way in which he did, I can not an will not condone it was a bit extreme to say the least; however James did not make any physical retaliation towards MacKenzie.

The referee still issued him with a straight red card and the club have decided they will appeal the decision. The club has till 1:00 pm (GMT) to submit its case to the FA's disciplinary board.