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Man of the Match vs Blackpool

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A close game with a very close finish with an unfair ending.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Controversy, near misses, a penalty... what is this? A cup final? It wasn't the best game in the world to watch for Wigan fans but it was thrilling for the neutrals. The last ten minutes in particular... there were more near goals than there were players on the pitch and each one hurt us fans more than the last! By the way, that red card was ridiculous...

Having said that I did however find it difficult to pick out a Man of the Match. Unfortunately, no one in particular stood out in my eyes. McClean was very hit and miss (literally...). He worked hard but his shooting was appalling all game Watson was quite and McArthur gave a few good passes set up some interesting plays. Gomez was brilliant, keeping a high constant of form that I really hope he keeps up.

Normally here I would turn around and say how vital Carson was. Don't get me wrong, the number of stops - vital stops - he made really make me consider him the Man of the Match, but a veteran England goalkeeper should not give away such a stupid penalty. Personally, I didn't think he would have scored if Carson hadn't come out, but I can understand the logic behind the decision to dive in like that, it's just not the one I would have made.

Powell was once again very good but that header should have been better. I don't think taking him off was a good move honestly, but he did look tired and fitness is key here. However, it wasn't until the subs came on that we started to see the urgency that was lacking throughout. Beausajour started strongly but seemed to dwindle after 10 minutes. The same can be said about Fortune.

Holt however had that passion and drive and really started to turn the game around. He did this against Blackburn too. After his near misses I was so gutted, he deserved to level the playing field, but just seeing him really get into the game was enough for me to call him this week's Man of the Match.

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