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Injury Update: Ivan Ramis Makes Footballing Return

At last the very talented Spanish defender is on the verge of returning to the side. Ramis has been massively missed since his injury at Fulham last season, and his return will add real quality to our defense, that is if we can keep hold of him in January.

Michael Regan

Lets then start of with the good news, Ivan Ramis played a full 90 minutes for the development squad yesterday. That is a huge step forward in any players return to full fitness, especially from such a serious injury as cruciate knee ligament damage.

The defender who missed the whole of the second half of the season, was a massive miss. Just when the Spaniard was on top of his game and putting in some fantastic performances for the Latics it all changed when he went down at Craven Cottage, never to bee seen again for the second half of the season.

He missed out on the high of FA Cup success and the low of Premier League relegation. His presence in the defense may have changed the latter of the two, we had a very solid base with Ramis controlling our defense. A footballing brain on a player who is talented enough to win most duels on the floor and in the air.

Ramis's return this season will be of great help to any promotion push we are to have.

Then however come the rumors of him disappearing back off to Spain. It is circulating the web that there could be a relegation release clause in his contract should someone wish to activate it, with reportedly his former club Mallorca having first option on him.

Is this likely to be true?

I doubt that Dave Whelan would ever sanction a deal of such a nature. We fans may have at times complained about our Chairman being tight, but when it comes to things like this, Big Dave knows what he is doing.

Hopefully we can keep hold of Ramis till the end of the season, and he can be one of the main players leading us back to the Premier League.