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Man of the Match vs Yeovil Town

An away win for a change!

Alex Broadway

It was a good match, with a good result, with good things to take away. Fortune got his first goal (which I thought was fantastically worked!) for the club to end a 10 game away win drought. Yeovil should also be proud of their "off the line" clearing abilities. My god, it should have been about 7-0! Wigan were dominant this game and I can only hope it keeps up.

Marc Albrighton played stunningly well. I've been keeping an eye on him for a while after watching some of his crosses in the past. This lad has Beckham level potential. Seriously. Maybe not with free kicks (I've never actually seen him take one) but his accuracy is unbelievable! I seriously hope he is coached well in the future to reach this potential because England could utilise him so well!

Nick Powell was, well, Nick Powell, and the rest of the time all built in the the game nicely, especially Chris McCann. Good ol' Emmerson Boyce put on a fantastic performance. Who would think he is actually 34? Leon Barnett played well for a strong defence giving the rookie Lee Nicholls and bit of a helping hand this time. He did of course play a solid game, he's conceded very, very few goals and when we consider just what this means for the young lad, well, good things are on the horizon! McManaman played well again and came very close to scoring. He was a bit quiet in places but at least his form isn't really going down, god knows we could use him at 100%!

The Man of the Match for this game is a tough one to pick. Powell was good but I didn't feel he was as outstanding as he has been. Marc Antoine Fortune played amazing. He scored, he was energetic and he pushed well through out, even though he was substituted late in the game. Not too much of a problem considering fitness level. However, for me, Marc Albrighton shined the most in the game. Mainly because I think no one really expected it! I seriously rate this guy and I was very happy to hear we had signed him on loan. I'm expecting good things from you Marc! I also wonder how well he will play with Maloney feeding him when he returns? Something to think about...

Who was your Man of the Match? Let me know below!