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Man of the Match vs Bolton Wanderers

A win in the derby!

Clint Hughes

So, it wasn't Uwe's first match in charge, but really, it was obvious he he hadn't had much time to really establish anything until this game. The match looked promising, the play looked better and the players looked much happier to be on the field. The pace was much more controlled and hey, guess what, we won!! I really Uwe could be a big deal for us. I'm not sure how we'll fair this year, given time to really settle down, next season could be a big step up for us as a club.

On to the match. The goals were fantastic but the goals conceded were... well, they should have been defended better. I have no idea what Boyce was thinking when he gave away that penalty, his foot was FAR too high. Other than that, the defence was better than it has been though there are obviously still plenty of places in need of improvement. I think a more disciplined line will be a good start. If we're going to be playing high pressure like Uwe would like, then this will be vital. Towards the end of the match however, it was clear that the fast tempo was starting to hit the players. Fitness was questionable as it is but this could become a problem. Hopefully Uwe and his team are planning good stamina programs for training!

This weeks Man of the Match goes to Callum McManaman for an outstanding attacking demonstration. The Bolton defence did not know how to handle him at all, and scoring the winning goal was the icing on the cake for his performance.

It was a great performance from the team and I'm glad to see a much more positive vibe on the pitch. James McArthur, Chris McCann, Nick Powell and Scott Carson all had great games. It's good to see McCann coming along as well as Powell keeping his consistency on the pitch.

Also, hats off to an unbelievable goal from Nick Powell. Beautiful!

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