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Man of the Match vs Derby County

What is there to say?

Chris Brunskill

This match was so shocking I don't think I can really pick out a positive performance from any player. The free kick that lead to the first goal... what on earth was happening there? Three men running for the man of the ball. No, positions are lost, space is created and an accident is bound to happen... oh wait. If you look at the highlights all you can see at the the moment the ref blows his whistle is a big group of Wigan players in no real shape and not looking particularly focused on anything.

Let's take nothing away from the free kick itself however. Fair play to Derby, they had a chance and scored it beautifully, not much any keeper could have done to stop that.

Now, the second goal... I love you Ben Watson, but for someone with such great passing abilities I just have to ask... what happened?

The penalty came about a similar way to the first goal. Too many men and not communication. Deserved penalty, well taken - Wigan lose. To be honest, I think he went down a little too easy but Derby still deserve the penalty for being forced to watch/play against such appalling football from the, let us remind ourselves, the FA Cup winners of last season.

The second half, something changed, at least. We weren't good but we were far better than earlier. Derby didn't particularly look strong this game, they scored easy goals from soft attempts and yet we still didn't punish them. However, all of this happens and then you see our goal. So damn beautiful I can't even believe it. What a cross from Boyce and what a perfect header from Powell! That is a world class goal from a team that honestly didn't deserve it.

So, to actually pick a Man of the Match... I don't know to be honest with you. Espinoza and Holt brought about some freshness to the team but it's questionable that they played to a Man of the Match standard. Powell scored a cracking header but caused the first free kick, arguably the souring point of the game, so that's his chance out. No defender deserves it after that display and the midfield was shaken.

So, for the first time ever I am going to say there will be no Man of the Match this week. No one deserves it I'm afraid. I hate to say it but Coyle certainly needed to go. The standard hasn't been good enough from a team who should be in the top 3 of the division. I can only hope the new manager can finish this season in the top 10 and get the focus on promotion for next year, it's extremely unlikely to happen now but... there is always hope.