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Deadline Day The Summary: One Disaster to Another

Could yesterday have gone any better? Well we could have signed our three main targets, and our fans alll walk away happy and satisfied. Yet we saw the ugly side of deadline day as the club failed to bring in players, and deal after deal was thwarted, sounds like a typical window for Latics.

Martinez's Last Gasp Try to Sign a Player
Martinez's Last Gasp Try to Sign a Player
Shaun Botterill

Thursday morning and I was in very very high spirits, the club had three targets and all looked destined to be signing on the dotted line. The three players Adien McGeady, John Stones and Paul Scharner were all at varying stages of signing from an all but done deal to just tying up a fee.

So come 10 o'clock, the club had confirmed Paul Scharner's loan deal to the end of the season. What a surprise that was! Not like he had been seen in Wigan Asda or been staying at Dave Whelan's hotel in Wrightington. Yet to get someone to sign was a big deal, considering how the day would go.

So starting with good news, it ony got worse. Roberto Martiez ruling out any possible move for Aiden McGeady. The attacking winger had agreed terms, and was all set to head to Wigan from Russia in the morning before getting 'cold feet'.

The reason that has been suggested is that he wanted a relegation clause in his contract, as a club we don't place them in as a rule. Why not for a coup of a signing? With McGeady surely we wouldn't need to think of relegation? Yet if we did it would be a loos of £5 million. Its good we could get a fee agreed and even knock the player down on his wages to our structure, but we couldn't get over that final hurdle.

But hey, never mind we have John Stones on the way. Wigan having finally agreed a fee with Barnsley, and the player was on his way eventually from Yorkshire. According to reports, the player was reluctant to sign for Wigan, feeling a 'bigger club' would come in for him. Just as he was on his way, and his agents talking terms with the club, Everton called up Barnsley. Guess what they wanted Stones. Before you know it the defender was off to Finch Park to have a medical.

Could it get any worse? Well we didn't lose anyone from the squad, a rather big bonus.

Chances of anyone else coming in? Well Mentero Jefferson wasn't an option the club having decided not to follow up on the winger. But we still needed a right sided player. Reports circled that the club would dip into the Championship, Tom Ince possibly or Matt Phillips. All were mentioned.

It has come clear this morning that the club approached Newcastle United to sign Danny Simpson. A fee agreed belived to be in the region of £1 million, his agent on the phone and a deal sumerised in minutes, Danny himself was packed and was all but on his way before Newcastle pulled out. They were no longer happy with the fee they wanted more.

Typical, absolutly typical! The former Manchester United player would have been a great signing, but now we will never know, well possibly till the summer, when we can sign him on a free.

Talking of players going for free, we have a long list of players we need to sign up. Hopefully with the culb not having signed anyone, they will pool that money into signing players onto long term contracts with the club.