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Injury: Ryo Miyaichi Out for the Season

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This young man will go far, or he has the talent to go far anyway. That is if Ryo can keep away his injuries. Wigan fans have only ever seen glimpses of his talent, but what we have seen is very very good. Now though his ankle injury has got the better of him and he will miss the rest of the season.

Michael Regan

The signs didn't look good for Ryo Miyaichi has he was stretchered off against Everton at the weekend. His first senior game back since his ankle injury was under control and one innocuous tackle and he his back out. The results of a scan haven't made it back to the club, but the signs aren't good at all.

The winger had only been on the pitch for over half an hour, taking over from Callum McManaman who now appears to have no serious injury from the weekend. The winger appeared to be moving fine in normal play, a little of pace but nothing a few games wouldn't handle.

It now looks like we won't be seeing the Japanese international in a blue and white shirt again, that is if the worst of our fears are confirmed.