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Injury Update: Callum McManaman

The young winger, who many Latics fans are now seeing as a first team starter, could miss out on the Norwich game, even though he has no actual ban. The winger is reportedly struggling with an ankle injury.

Michael Steele

Mind games? You do wonder don’t you, Callum McManaman who has been exceptional when he has start this season now looks to be struggling with an ankle problem. There is an injury there defiantly, he picked it up playing against Everton, but there were no signs of that hindering his performance against Newcastle.

Could this not be Roberto Martinez trying to protect his player from criticism over the Haidara tackle which is still rumbling on? Martinez has said the player is suffering under the relenting pressure from the countries media from the challenge. So is the injury physical or psychological?

Either way if Callum doesn’t face Norwich this weekend it will be a big blow for Wigan. He is developing into quite the young player, and gives us some true balance to our side when going forward. Able to play on both the left on the right, Callum can use pace to get past player before finding the net or a player.

With three goals to his name this season, I am sure he will want to add more in the final run in, and maybe even pinch a goal at Wembley in the forthcoming semi-final.