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Wigan Athletic's Player of March: Antolin Alcaraz

You voted and the man who so far has changed our season in the four games he has played, came out on top. It looked like the Paraguayan defender Antolin Alcaraz would miss the entire season, but his return in the second half of the Liverpool game has sparked a four game unbeaten run.

Scott Heavey

Antoilin Alcaraz featured in all four of the games in March. His return against Liverpool was timely and he stopped the flow of goal as we held out for a 4-0 defeat. Then in the next three matches of March he started all three and helped the team to conceding a single goal against Newcastle United.

The man has been an inspiration, making last ditch tackles and vital game winning interceptions. It shows how much we have missed the player with how well he has performed in recent months, had this man been fit all season, we may not be where we are now.

Mix that with his possible partnership with Ivan Ramis and we could have had a brilliant defensive line up. The two of them would be a defensive partnership that we have been crying out for in recent years, and I hope the club see that and will get Alcaraz tied down to a new long term deal.

If anyone deserves a new deal, it is this man. He helped the side to a 1-1 draw at the weekend, as he was vital in controlling a QPR side that was quick to break on our defence.

Alcaraz is a deserving winner of March’s award, and I hope he can continue his fantastic form right to the end of this season, and help the team lift the FA Cup and gain Premier League survival.