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The Relegation Round Up: Two Wins for Survival

Saturday was a great day for Latics, not only did Wigan win the FA Cup but Aston Villa also lost, but following a bad day of results on Sunday we are the prime candidates for relegation. It now means that only Aston Villa and Sunderland are catchable by Latics and to do that we realistically have to win our next two games.

Shaun Botterill

Three days after playing the biggest game in the clubs history, the players now go and play the most important game in the clubs history. Are you with me so far? Thanks to the Latics not managing to beat Swansea on the Tuesday previously, the club now stares relegation in the face.

That is thanks to Newcastle United’s, and Norwich City’s two wins against QPR and West Bromwich Albion respectively. The only way we could have needed to win one of our remaining two games, was if Newcastle United and lost their remaining two games (including the one against QPR).

Now the Wigan players know what they have to do (not that it makes much difference, we would still have tried to beat Arsenal anyway). Lose in London and Tuesday night and we are down (a draw would not mathematically relegate us, but with Sunderland’s massively superior goal difference we would need a miracle), but win then it all comes down to the last game of the season.

So here is each scenario:

Wigan lose to Arsenal

Wigan are relegated from the Premier League before the weekend’s final fixtures on Sunday.

Wigan draw at Arsenal

This gets complicated. Wigan can technically still survive but we really could need lady luck to smile on us. To survive we would have to beat Aston Villa, hope Sunderland lose to Tottenham Hotspur and that between us winning and Sunderland losing there is an eleven goal swing.

If that happens then Wigan would stay up on goals scored, ours being superior to Sunderland who would be relegated.

Wigan win at Arsenal

This happens then Wigan are in dream land. Our survival is in our hands, and Aston Villa are now brought into it. For Latics to survive then all we have to do is win our game against Villa and we stay up regardless of the Sunderland result. However if Sunderland win or draw, and we beat Villa; then Aston Villa will go down.

In a nut shell if we lose at the Emirates we are down, draw we need a miracle, win and survival is in our own hands.

Keep the Faith!