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Wigan Athletic Are Relegated

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Our long magnificent eight year stint in the Premier League has ended, the lads put up a fight but it was in vain as Arsenal won out 4-1.

Shaun Botterill

The match report on the game will follow. But for now its time for a bit of self pity. After winning the FA Cup at the weekend, we go to the low of relegation in the next. The players didn't give up the fight and did try their best, but in the end defensive mistakes cost us.

What does it mean for the club?

Who knows at this moment in time many things could happen, and then many other things may not. Will we keep hold of our manager? Will we keep hold our our talented players? Will we bounce back?

Many questions have to be answered and they will all come in the following months. Our next target as a club though as to be to stem the flow of losing players. People on a free will more than likely go which means losing about five. Couple that with Joel and Scharner's departure we will need new faces.

But who will be the man to bring those new faces in. I hope that it is Roberto Martinez. With this man we can ride the waves back to the Premier League, and hopefully onto greater success.