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Injury Update: Macca to Miss Months

The younger winger Callum McManaman who exploded onto the world footballing stage with his man of the match performance against Manchester City will now be out for three months with knee ligament damage. That comes only days after being announced in the Under-21s side.

Shaun Botterill

Some Newcastle United fans will more than likely be thinking what a joy that retribution has been done. Which is too far and harsh, you should never wish an injury on any player. Yet ever since the incident with Massadio Haïdara he has been some incarnation of the devil to most Geordies.

Who Callum really is, is a hard working motivated younger player, who would chase around all day with a football in a field. He is dedicated to playing with an honest style. That is the simple truth and it has shone through in his games for the club this season. Yet after such an excellent few months, and the chance to represent England at under-21 level, Callum has picked up an injury. Lunging in the Arsenal box to get on the end of across as Wigan looked to get in front at the Emirates, Callum went down behind the goal before being taken off on a stretcher.

The news now is that it is ligament damage and he will be out for three months. That means he will be back in time for pre-season training, the tail end of it but enough so he will be able to start the season with the club.

Wigan is where he will be next season, with Callum being under contract for another three years it is unlikely that we will sell him at any price as he will be a valuable asset in helping us return to the Premier League next season.

A big year ahead then to come, but this season could have ended better for the 22 year old.