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The Wigan Athletic Exodus?

According to many media outlets there is to be an massive out pouring of players for our team. Is there really? Or are we just letting most of them go? I think it is the latter. There will be a minimum of five players who will leave the club, all five we have none would leave for sometime.

Michael Regan

In total we have eleven players who will be out of contract this season. The most notable four are Antolin Alcaraz, Maynor Figueroa, Franco Di Santo and Emmerson Boyce. The other names to the list are David Jones, Albert Crusat, Roman Golobart, Ronnie Stamm Adrain Lopez and Mike Pollitt.

That is eleven players, and for a club of our size that is a lot of players. Yet with no new contacts yet to be offered with an official definite answer people are drawing conclusions too soon.

We will lose five of those players with Antolin Alcaraz, Maynor Figueroa, Franco Di Santo, Ronnie Stam and Albert Crusat all on their way out to trim the wage bill. Alcaraz and Figueroa are the only two we would really want to keep, yet both want top flight football and large wages. Di Santo and Stam, well any Wigan fan would happily drive them to their new clubs.

The other remaining five players will all be set to stay on at the club. Boyce is a club legend and if we don't give him another two season then we are wrong to do so, next season he would be a massive part of this squad. As would Lopez, Golobart and Jones, the three of them would be a massive part of the side next year.

The only real wonder is Mike Pollitt the ageing goalkeeper wants to keep playing. Whether or not we can offer him want he wants here I don't know. I feel that our longest serving player could also be on his way out this summer and be looking for a new club.

The players going on a free could be our only departures this summer. It is a case of keeping our team together and adding a few key players to build upon the great foundations we already have.