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Roberto Martinez set to quit Wigan Athletic

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The worst nightmare of all for Wigan fans has been revealed today as Roberto Martinez will now leave the football club. Dave Whelan had allowed the manager to leave the club and move on elsewhere, with the chairman giving Martinez permission to talk to Everton.

Chris Brunskill

Big big big big big blow!!!

Getting relegated means nothing compared to the news coming out of the DW Stadium this afternoon. The resignation/release of Roberto Martinez from his contract at Wigan Athletic is the worst thing that could have happened to this club this season. The man who has changed the whole attitude of the fan base, change the whole structure of the club will now walk away; and I feel it could see us diminish.

Martinez leaves behind a squad built with talented players of varying ages brought in on the cheap with most able to command very high respectable transfer fees if they were now to leave the club, which I feel most of them now will do. Martinez was the glue which held many of them in place and I think a few will now escape this sinking ship.

Am I being over dramatic? Probably yes. But for me at this time there is none better out there to run this football club. Roberto Martinez was tailor man for this job and had done a fantastic one so far to build the reputation and the infrastructure to a much higher level than it was when he first came.

So first what now for Wigan Athletic? Who do we look to sign as our new manager? There are a few people available Jose Mourinho the number one choice for me now. I am joking of course, but looking at managers we could afford and possibly attract it ain't looking to good.

There are a few out there, Tony Pulis and Mark Hughes who you may look at say, maybe they could do the job here. But could we ever get them to come? I very much doubt it.

The future for Roberto Martinez is most likely somewhere in Liverpool. It looks increasingly like the ex-manager of our club will be heading to the blue half of Merseyside.