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Editors Blog: Dave Whelan's Managerial Shortlist

With Roberto Martinez set to leave Latics, rumor has it that Dave Whelan has a magical list of names from which one man will be chosen. So here at Pie Eaters Footie I now try to create that list of candidates who Dave Whelan could be looking at.

Shaun Botterill

Internal Promotion

Depending on the amount of staff that Roberto Martinez takes with him, Wigan could look to try and keep the continuity going and promote someone from inside the club to the role of manager. There are a few options that we could take if we choose to go down this route.

One thing to bear in mind, is that the last time we did so, we had Chris Hutchings in charge, an appointment generally we were happy with, that was until we started to play football and found that we were struggling with him in charge.

This time round two names spring to mind, Graeme Jones and Graham Barrow. Both of whom are accomplished coaches, yet neither has really struck out on their own as full time manager. It is expected that both will follow Roberto to Everton.

Return to the Hero

One name mentioned and dear god I hope it is just the paper is Paul Jewell. Now Jewell we love him don't we. He fitted in like a glove here and built us up from Division 2 (now League One) to the Premier League and kept us there. He was also the man to take us to our first eve major final where we lost 4-0 to a much stronger Manchester United side.

For that we all owe Paul our thanks and has a person he is a lovely fellow, yet I think we all can agree on this, we don't want you back. Why? Well he showed that he couldn't handle the Premier League for one, and also because of the other golden rule in football management, you never go back.

Experienced Heads

There are a few guys available who are quite experienced who could possibly be able to get hold of. The likes of Steve McClauren, Owen Coyle, Alex McCliesh. They are managers that you feel we could tempt to come to Wigan Athletic, and with their experience could quite easily handle the role.

The question has to be with the experienced manager will they settle? Some of them have blips on their records, and we can't afford to be another one, others are pure and simple journeymen which again we don't need.

Out of Our League

The guys I would love to see at this club tend to fall into this category. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Roberto Di Matteo the two who I feel could both make a big impact on this squad and the club. Both proven managers in their own right and both have shown they can manage at a high level.

Yet showing them Wigan is the next step for them, and being able to afford their wages is another thing altogether. Yet maybe just maybe we could see a miracle.

Give Them a Chance

Now to the final group of managers, people who have yet to really prove themselves as managers or at a high level. If you look at some of the coaches who are available, then you only have to look at the clear out at Manchester United.

Two names from that clear out keep popping up those are Mike Phelan and Rene Meulensteen. Both of whom, if they came to this club I would be more that happy with, especially Rene who some of United's players have said is the best coach they have ever trained under. Now that is a big honor.

Other younger managers also stick out. If we look to the lower league Karl Robinson at MK Dons has grabbed a lot of plaudits for the ways is side has gone about their football. Is lack of inexperience has been what has let him down so far at MK, yet with a bigger budget could he do more? I would like to think so.


So far as it stands there appears to be no out right leader for the managers position. There are a few names heavily linked Rene Meulensteen seems to be the big one so far and it is believed he is interested to get into management.

Who ever the next manager will be, I feel that they could shape the course of this football club for the next decade. We have to now be built and prepared to fight our way back into the Premier League.

It is a situation the club has never been in before and we now have to live with the fact that for most clubs and supports in the Championship we will be a big scalp. We go from being a small fish in a big pond, to being a small fish in the small pond.