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Club News: 12BET Sign Up for Another Year

In amongst all the news coming out of the DW Stadium, we at least have one thing we can be really happy about. Our currents sponsors have extended their association with the club for another year. Signs of our possible increased market worth? I think its more down to our Europa League status for next season.

Michael Regan

So for the first time in a good few years, we have managed to extend a contract with our current sponsors. Shows just how far we have come in recent years for the club to be able to hold onto someone especially after relegation. Yet there is that golden carrot for the sponsors of the club being FA Cup holder, and our Europa League adventure.

So with that in mind a new on year deal has been thrashed out. I am sure that could be extended further beyond next year depending on our league status for the following season. 12BET's chief executive speaking to the club's official website said:

'We are delighted to continue our association with the Club and look forward to joining the Wigan Athletic fans on a European tour.'

Source: Wigan Offical

It now prompts questions about our new shirt, especially a release date showing the new design.

Any further official announcement wasn't expected till July. This Northern Soul reporting a date of the 11th.

You can always start to get excited about a new season when the kit is release!