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2012/13 Report Cards: Wing Backs

A position used more on the continent yet under Roberto Martinez the two wide men are expected to work up and down the pitch one second attacking and the next defending our back line. In this position we have seen the rebirth of one of our players, and the reason one man was bought.

Alex Livesey

Emmerson Boyce

Many critics of Wigan said last season that Emmerson Boyce was letting the side down. Most of us would have argued it was other player causing Boyce to be over worked and that the defender was a man we all respected and trust to play for our team. Yet since the change of formation and the need of wing backs Boycie has completely transformed into a bombing winger.

The engine Emmerson has to be able to cover so much ground, has never been questioned. Yet in this role he excels because of it. One minute he will be winning the ball in our half, and the next minute getting up the other end of the pitch to whip in a fantastic ball.

The aging defender has shown an old dog can learn new tricks and adding goals to his game has really given the defender an extra dimension over the past couple of seasons. I think we all have to be so glad that he decided to extend his contract for next season regardless who the manager is, a club legend and he will always be remembered as the man who captained the side to our FA Cup win.

Grade: A

Jean Beausejour

The man was our only signing last January, and he changed our season providing the cutting edge to whip balls into the box and create chances. Pace and power so he can burst past defenders, it was going to be a big year for the Chilean this year, yet he has gone backwards.

When he is willing to get past players Jean performs really well. Beating the man with ease and then being able to whip in beautiful balls which will cause and defense trouble. Yet even though he was unable to get past players he has managed to get in some lovely crosses over the course of the season which have provided some lovely goals.

Beausejour also managed to bag his first goal for the club in the home game against Newcastle United. Finally after about 30 easy chances the midfielder managed to hit the target. It was sad that his season finished with an injury, and without him we looked slightly less potent on the left side of our midfield for a time.

Grade: B

Ronnie Stam

Do I need to say more than he had been released by the club. When he was signed there was a buzz about the talent this player could bring to the side yet that has never materialized. Struggling to really adapt to the English style of play, Stamm has got some really strong characteristics like his ball control and pace, but on the defensive side of things you have to raise questions.

A poor season all round really for the defender and it was a poor end with his innocuous injury he sustained against Swansea City in the league.

Grade: D

Roger Espinoza

Signed as a midfielder Roger has spent more time playing out in the wider areas of the pitch for us since coming in in January. The Honduran international is an exciting prospect for the forth coming season, and from the game he played he showed that his bags of energy and skill on the ball to make things happen are there.

So with the team needing a wide man up stepped Roger who went on to really make the position his own. Able to cover the whole area of the pitch several times during the game. Defending well before getting up the other end, and with that good left foot of his whipping the ball dangerously into the box.

His cross was the goal that set up Boyce for his goal against Aston Villa at the last game of the season.

Grade: B+