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Wigan Writers Wanted!

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I am looking for people to come on board and be part of the writing team here at Pie Eaters Footie, interested? Then see what could be right for you here.

Chris Brunskill

Like football? Support Wigan? Fancy a go at writing for us here at Pie Eaters Footie? Well then there are positions available for you here. I am looking for a writer/writers who will be willing to contribute regularly to the site in a variety of roles to help cover all the breaking news and add your own views on Wigan Athletic.

So what can you do?

News-desk :- We need someone who is willing to cover the breaking news on Wigan, giving short 200 word posts summarizing the latest news, with the chance to then follow this up with analytical posts following the initial break of news.

Match Reporter:- Chance to help with the post and pre match articles on the site. To help analyze the opponents before a game, and give assessment following the game, with in depth reports and player ratings. The chance to get creative on how you deliver any type of data regarding the games we play over the course of the season.

Analyst:- Looking for someone who will look at the players and break down theirs and the teams performance, there is a bit of an over lap with a match reporter here. Idea of analyst is to look at man of the matches, player of the month etc.

If you are interested in joining us here at Pie Eaters Footie then do not hesitate to contact me at: