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Club News: Owen Coyle set to be Appointed Wigan Manager

Oh Dave, why? Just why? What have we Wigan fans ever done to disappoint you? We pay good money to come, we buy the merchandise and we support the club up and down the country. So when we need you to appoint a new man, and one to drive us into a new era, you appoint him?

Clive Mason

The noise last night was that it was a done deal. Steve McClaren was expected to be the next Wigan Athletic manager after beating everyone to the punch and getting the position. Yet that is not apparently not that case, according to a lot of the media outlets.

Sky Sports breaking the news that Owen Coyle (I just cried on the inside) will be the next manager of our much beloved football club, and I don't think I will be the only one disappointed in his appointment. Of course we weren't all going to be happy with who the next manager would be, but you felt that McClaren would at least be someone with a more worldly experience who has competed on a European level.

That for me, along with thing I have heard coming out of Bolton worry me. Owen has no experience of managing in a European competition and I know that it shouldn't matter too much as getting promoted is our real aim. Yet with a chance to really give it ago, someone who knows how to play on the continent would have been much appreciated.

The appointment of Coyle can't be explained to me unless you look at the details of how he will sign.

He will come in on a 12 month rolling contract. Ah there we go, Uncle Dave is back, you can all see that he is hitting top form when he looks at something with his business head on. Mr Coyle is the cheap option.

Disappointing to say the least. I will still back him, as who ever the manger is I always do and for we do not know how he will perform for the club. For all we know he lead us to success on all fronts, but my gut tells me otherwise.

Prove me wrong Coyle, please prove us all wrong. (You know I blame Roberto Martinez for this!)