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Club News: Roman Golobart Signs for FC Koln

The very talented 21 year old Spaniard has left the club after his contract finished this summer, he had been offered a new contract and well has turned it down and moved off to Germany to play for second division team Koln.

Clive Mason

So the first official free lance departure from Wigan has been more or less confirmed and it is quite a surprising one. The very talented Spanish defender Roman Golobart has decided to up ship and move off to Germany to play in the second division.

Not only does that confuse me, but I have to wonder what is going on behind closed doors at Wigan Athletic. This man has got a big future ahead of him and we decide not to chase him up? I mean why?

Many people may disagree with me on this, put the lad was only 21 years old, yet to play in the manor that he did in the few games he did for Wigan then you had to be impressed. Confident on the ball and strong both in the air and in the tackle, Golobart showed all the traits as a top defender, and we have let him go.

He now signs for the German side as they fight for promotion back to the top flight. Roman has signed on a three year contact.