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Club News: Official Confirmation on Owen Coyle to Wait

Wigan Athletic, you may have noticed, have yet to official unveil Owen Coyle and there is reason for that. The man maybe the one Dave wants, and Coyle may want to come, but there is still a bit of paperwork to sort out.

Alex Livesey

Minutes after Sky Sports broke the news that Owen Coyle would be the new manager, Dave Whelan was appearing on front of the TV saying that he had signed on a 12 month rolling contract and it would all be done and dusted by the end of day today.

That stance reportedly has now changed and the terms of the contract, length and wages, are yet to be completed. It could now be Saturday or Sunday before there is any official announcement by the club. Is there hope that it won't happen?

Well it looks more or less like it is just a formality now between the details and contracts being tied up and Coyle being instilled as our official manager. For all intensive purposes Coyle can now start to look at improving this squadand adding to the depleting side that we currently have.

The itinerary for Coyle is to sign eight to ten players (those the words on the lips of Dave Whelan), and get the club back to the Premier League. The Europa League is nice to be in, but the main aim is to do well in the league and gain that promotion at the end of the season.