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Club News: Maynor Figueroa Signs for Hull City

Second free departing from Wigan has our leaky defenders jump ship. Figueroa was a known departure for the whole season, but it appears the defender has run out of choices and had to plump for the only one.

Michael Steele

Maynor Figueroa the 30 year old Honduran international is a pure athlete. Strong and fast the defender is fit as a fiddle and until the end of last season very rarely got injured it at all. So with his contract up the defender decided to jump ship, you have to hold your hands up and say fair enough.

So where did he go? Off to a top six six? Or did he go abroad to taste a new culture? No the defender signed for Hull City.

Now no disrespect to Hull its not your team and you fan I have a problem with. Its your Harrods shopping manager I have the problem with. Good old Steve Bruce has decided to go all out and signed Figgy down to a two year contract and I have to say I wish Figs all the best, and you Hull fans.

The fact that Figueroa has been one of our poorest defenders the past few years shouldn't worry you. Too much anyway.