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Who are Wigan's transfer targets?

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Too many players are leaving and none have come in!

Chris Brunskill

So let's take a look at who has left Wigan so far...

Defenders: Figueroa, Golobart, Stam, Adrian Lopez, Alcaraz

Midfielders: David Jones, Ryan Watson

Forwards: Di Stanto, Crusat

And let's not forget the loanee's heading home! Wigan are in a predicament at the moment, and with a new manager under our belts it's not going to be easy to re-establish ourselves. We have no definite forward unless we can have Di Santo sign a new contract. Kone is likely to leave though I don't want to admit it. He has true talent and could make a big impact in the Premier League with a good club. Our defenders are jumping out of the boat with the ending contracts and it's quite likely McCarthy will be swooped up by Everton, especially if Felliani is leaving.

So, where do we go from here? Coyle has a big job on his hands to fill in these gaps and Wigan isn't a club known for it's massive budget. Let's start with the defenders.

We've lost too many. Simple as that! Lopez and Golobart, I think, could have begun to shine in the Championship. With more games to play, squad rotation would have given them a good chance to show their worth, and with the competition not as strong as it previously had been, we could have seen these young defenders blossom. Golobart has gone, but it is not out of the question for Lopez to sign a new deal.

But let's not forget, we still have strong defenders. Caldwell and Ramis are going to be vital for our survival next season. So what do we look for? Wigan need another strong and experienced defender to replace the loss of Figueroa and Boyce. A veteran who can help the club for a couple of years. Matthew Upson may be a very good candidate to fill this role. He's out of contract and he's well experienced. Another contender is William Gallas. Gallas has been around and is perfect for the role. The only downside is his age of 35. Would the club be able to play him as much as they need?

Young defenders are vital for our team next season. Their endurance and desire will push them and that is what we can count on. So who do we look towards? Borja Ekiza, centre back for Athletic Bilbao. This lad isn't the shining star of the club but he's young, 25, and has the makings of a solid, reliable centre back. As for a wing back look no further than Alberto Lora, 26-years-old, this lad is quick and has a good sense of attack. If Coyle sticks with Wigan's play style, this lad would be a great addition.

Midfield. McCarthy is the key here. If he leaves then there is certainly a hole to fill. If not, well I still think another player could be a good idea. The player I believe would be a great addition is Mathieu Flamini. I know it's aiming hight, but he's seasoned, he was fighting for a first team spot and he is now a free agent. It could be hard to convince him to play for the club, but it's not impossible. He could be a player to drive us straight back to the top division.

On a side note, Panagiotis Kone is looking to be a good player. 25, and plays for Bologna in Serie A. He's a well rounded midfielder with more of a focus on attack. He's got great stamina and I think could make an impact for the club. Also, could loaning young Nick Powell from United be a good move? What about re-loaning Ryo Miyaichi? Those lads are going places, they would be a big help with fitness and skill over the next year.

Forwards. What forwards? As I said earlier, Kone is likely to leave and Di Santo's contract is up which leaves us with one striker in Boselli who is currently out on Loan at Palermo. Bringing back Henriquez would be a good idea. We have an understanding with Manchester Untied so getting in a lad they consider to have good potential is a wise move.

Carlton Cole would be a smart buy here. His contract at West Ham is over, and the striker has plenty left in the tank to fuel a strong attack in the Championship. If Kone stayed, these two could make a killer duo in this league and you can't help but feel they would be the driving force to promotion. Tomas Necid is a 23-year-old striker playing at CSKA Moscow. He's a great finisher, great header and he's playing for his country. With the right coaching, and good players behind him, this lad has the potential to be a key goal scorer. With United signing Wilfred Zaha last January, could a loan be a possibility for that speed on the wings?

Wigan has a lot to do and the decisions Owen Coyle has to make are big. With the right push, the Latics can definitely fight for promotion, but weak buys are going hurt the club. It's really down to how much money we are going to be allowed. Loans and free transfers will be key, but a few solid buys will be crucial to commitment and success.

How much do you agree with the player's I've listed? Who do you think could help this club gain promotion? Leave your comments below!