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My Most Memorable Wigan Moment: TomParkinson

The first in a series of five posts that will welcome our new writers to Pie Eaters Footie. First up with have Tom. Our newsdesk reporter talking about the day the dream of the Premier League for Latics began all those eight years ago.

Clive Mason

My most memorable moment when supporting Wigan Athletic comes from Sunday the 8th of May. Wigan Athletic hosted Reading on a day that would decide the future of Wigan Athletic. A draw would be enough for Wigan athletic to win promotion to the Premier League for the first time in our history.

We began the game brilliantly settling into the game quickly and not showing any signs of nerves despite the amount of pressure on the teams performance. The 'fairy tale' began relatively early on in the game when Lee McCulloch found the net to set the Latics firmly on their way to Premier League glory and turning Dave Whelans once ridiculed dream into reality.The stress on not only the players but the fans was reduced soon after when Jason Roberts slotted home after a brilliantly weighted pass from Ellignton and make it almost certain that the dream was coming true.

The second half started and we saw not much in the way of action until the the dying moments of the game. Nathan Ellington added to his already brilliant goals tally to make it certain that a Reading comeback would not ruin the day which sparked premature invasions onto the pitch from the Latics faithful. The day was slightly marred when Steve Sidwell slotted home in the final few seconds but it was too little too late as the referee blew his whistle not long after the goal.

That was it, the impossible dream was a reality. We would be competing with the big boys the next season. The fans instinctively spilled onto the pitch to celebrate with the players with chants of "We are going up" Ringing around the ground. While a strong travelling support had to sit and watch as their own team had narrowly missed out on the play-offs. Whilst I was only 8 at the time this is my most memorable moment because it shaped the club we are today and I doubt it will ever be beaten.