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My Most Memorable Wigan Moments: Bleck Lee

The final installment of the most memorable Wigan moments comes from Cole another of our analysts. This time he talks about the sheer ecstasy of beating Manchester United, the one win we have all craved for and when you get it.

Michael Regan

Short corner by Maloney. Maloney gets it right back from Beausejour. Maloney across the top of the box. Shakes Rooney with a little fake step. WRAPS IT FAR POST!!!!!!!! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Cut to a nervous Fergie. Now back to Maloney sliding on his back with mobbing teammates to follow. 40 minutes later, little Wigan had its first ever win over United.

Go ahead and YouTube "Maloney scores on United." Now watch it on repeat. Every time that ball whips into the net, Tom Gill smiles from heaven. Bask in this moment of Wigan Athletic history.

Perhaps this moment is my favorite because I’ve always had an affinity for the little Scotsman. Ever since Maloney arrived at the club, I knew he would play a big role for the Latics. I call him the Big Baby (don’t worry, it’s a term of endearment) because of his stature and shape, but on the pitch, he’s a giant. You have to love his attacking instinct. He’ll take the ball right to you and give you the nasty. The playmaker has what it takes to singlehandedly change a game at any moment, and it’s this that can keep a Pie Eater afloat with hope.

However, just because Maloney got a chance in the limelight isn’t what makes the moment so special. The moment’s beauty doesn’t even lie in the fact that those 3 points were vital in Wigan’s relegation battle. This moment represented something bigger. Little Wigan could stick it to the big boys of English football. That goal spoke volumes to the league: Don’t write us off. WAFC is quality and class. We may be down now, but remember this moment. Remember Maloney’s goal, and it’ll get you through the tough times. I replay it over and over in my head as I anxiously await the challenges the new season will bring, and the chance for the Big Wigs to stick it to Europe.