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Club News: Latics Heading for the States

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Wigan announced yesterday that the club will be heading to America for its pre-season tour this year. That now means that planned trip to Germany and UK friendlies have now been cancelled.

Ned Dishman

The changes at Wigan keep on coming, the next one being that the club will travel outside of Europe for a pre-season tour going to America for the first time. The club will be over in America for a ten day period where they will face two teams (more could be confirmed).

It appears that winning the FA Cup has increased our reputation enough for us to be invited out to the USA, now that is a big step. As a club the one thing we need is a wider range of fan base, for people outside of the UK to be buying our merchandise and supporting the club, it all adds up to bigger revenue and more money to ply with.

That is of course why the club has gone out there.

It does mean that our pre-arranged games in Germany are now cancelled, and our UK games against Morecombe and Oldham Athletic on July 13th and July 20th respectively have been cancelled.

Instead the team now faces MLS side Columbus Crew and will then face third division side Pittsburgh Riverhounds during the ten day trip. More game could be announced according to the club.