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Paper Talk: Mathieu Manset The First Coyle Signing?

The French striker, who is built like a brick house, could be the first signing of the Owen Coyle era if rumors are believed to be true.

Michael Steele

The news on this story has yet to be fully broken, the media doesn't seem to be that alert to the noise being made on twitter. Mathieu Manset had on his twitter account a post saying he was on the verge of signing for Latics this summer, the tweet has now been taken down.

So if it true? Will the former Reading and Carlise striker be our first signing?

I don't think anyone quite knows. If this deal is to be done then I would expect more news tomorrow, but for now it will have to go down as a very big rumor and link for the player with the club.

So far during his games on English soil he has played a total of 86 games and scored 15 goals. That's just under a goal every six games. Strong and with some pace there are big things thought of the 23 year old striker, but some far he has yet to reach his peak.