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Paper Talk: Callum McManaman Sunderland's £7 Million Target

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The 22 year old winger wizard is supposedly a target for the Paolo Di Canio's revolution at Sunderland and the fee is a massive £7 million. If and offer has been lodged then would the fee be enough to tempt the Latics to accept?

Jamie McDonald

Callum McManaman, a man who many of us have been dying to see play for the club for a long time, finally burst onto the scene this season especially in the second half. His exploits in the FA Cup lead to us reaching the final and eventually winning the final as his run lead to the Shaun Maloney corner; from which Ben Watson headed home.

His excellent Premier League performances nearly lead to the clubs survival. Fast and agile the winger can be completely unpredictable at times, one minutes bursting past the last line of defense and the next time looking lost onthe pitch.

So when a fee £7 million is bounded about you have to wonder would Sunderland pay that? The lad has not really got much first team experience, apart from his successful loan spell at Blackpool and the second half of last season Callum has yet to really prove himself; so a fee of £7 million is quite high.

That said you have to factor in the cost of him being English and at only 22 the potential the player has.

As it stands the news of such a fee and even a deal being agreed seems a bit premature. Yet I think it would be tempting to accept such a large sum of money for a player who may not go on to reach the heights that he has shown he could.

What do you think? Sell Callum for £7 million and reinvest the money? Or keep him and help him lead us back to the Premier League? Comment below!