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Club News: Compensation for Roberto Martinez Agreed

News that both Wigan Athletic and Everton have agreed a fee to release Roberto Martinez from his current contract as been slowly filling the world. However it has also come to fruition that as of yet Everton have yet to decided upon who their manager will be.

Chris Brunskill

This is slowly starting to turn into a bit of a farce. I know Dave Whelan loves this sort of thing, the dramatics of the media coverage and all of that yet we the fans would wish that Bill Kenwright would make his mind up so we can move on as a football club here at Wigan Athletic.

So far this summer we have slowly dragged ourselves through it just wondering what the hell is going to happen to our football club. As it stand we are losing players by the day as they won't sign new contracts as we have no idea who the new manager will be, while the club can't look to recruit as we have no direction in which to follow.

Yesterday when it was told that an agreement had been made surrounding Roberto Martinez's contract, you felt we could be nearing the end. That was until Everton then said they hadn't yet made up their minds on who should be their new manager.

We all know that it is complete rubbish, as Martinez takes leaps no towards the job.

The fee agreed is somewhere is the region of £2 million according to most sources. Dave Whelan speaking to the world as he said a fee had been agreed as also said that he would not reject any moves my Roberto for some of our players, yet the price as ever has to be right.