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Club News: 2013/14 Home Kit Teaser - Return of a Classic

Midnight and the club released a teaser of the new home kit showing the clubs crest upon the new shirt, and I have to say I really like it, and I feel most fans will.

Shaun Botterill

Wigan have had many variations of kits over the years, and we haven't worn a full thin stripe kit since the 05/06 season when we first took steps into the Premier League. Yet the kit we will all be seeing takes echos from a Wigan Athletic kit even older than that.

The kit in question has a more or less identical look to the blue and white stripped one that Wigan wore in 1978 when we first took our steps into the football League. Anyone seeing where I am going with this? Is it by accident that the year we take our first steps into Europe we would take on our traditional stripped kit? Someone in the marketing teams has obviously been looking over the clubs history.

However you look at it though the kit itself looks good so far. Once the Mi-Fit and 12BET badges are on we will be able to get a full idea of just how it will appear.

So to the order detail. You will be able to pre-order the shirt from tomorrow either online or in the club shop; a deposit of £5 will be required. The full cost of the shirt will be £39.99 for adults and £29.99 for juniors, both with short sleeves. To view the teaser click here.

The build up to the new season is come thick and fast now here at Wigan, all we need now is a manager!