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Club News: Official Announcement Roberto Martinez Signs for Everton

I know I am surprised too by the departure of Roberto Martinez. You would think that Everton had kept this under their hats. But the deal to take Roberto Martinez from Wigan to Everton has finally been completed, leaving Wigan manager-less but about £1.5 million better off.

Chris Brunskill

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Roberto Martinez will be the next Everton manager, and he will start the job on the 1st July, after signing a four year contract with the Toffees. There is currently no news on who will go with Roberto as his back room staff, news of that will surely follow in the next few days. Yet it wouldn't surprise me if there is no departures from our backroom staff.

Now we Wigan have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves up. The man I think most of us would agree we wanted to stay on as left, and now we must look towards our own future manager and just who will we bring in this summer to help build a team capable of challenging on a continental level.

So farewell Roberto Martinez you have been a club legend not just once but twice both as a player and manager you have changed the beliefs and the expectations of a group supports from a town called Wigan, who you have now put on the map.

Thank you for the memories and remember Sin Miedo!