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Pie Eaters Footie Player of the Season: Shaun Maloney

This has been a long post in the coming, after a season which has seen s relegated and won our first ever piece of major silverware, the man who we said was at the heart of it all was Shaun Maloney.

Scott Heavey

"You put your left foot in, your right foot in, you do the Shaun Maloney and you turn around, that’s what it’s all about!"

The man who same from Scotland missed half a season, before turning up with a wonder goal against Manchester United last season, has gone from strength to strength this season, and rightly deserves the player of the season award.

Spectacular goals, wonderful assist and those fast feet; Shaun truly has the total package and has shown in countless times this year against some of the country’s biggest teams. Who will forget the free-kicks against Arsenal and QPR, the diving side foot strike to put us 1-0 up against Millwall in the FA Cup semi final; and what about his corner to set up Ben Watson in the Final.

It’s not just the goals which catch the eye with Shaun; it’s his gut wrentching determination to keep chasing the ball which inspires the team and the fans alike. Often over looked for the full impact he has on the pitch.

In games throughout the season Shaun has changed them on the flip of a coin and tried to push the team on. Playing Norwich City away from home is a great example 1-0 down and we looked dead in the water, yet Maloney didn’t know he was beaten. Winning the ball and eventually getting the goal to get the team level. From then on he controlled the game, when went onto lose it 2-1 yet it shows what Shaun is capable of.

It is that sort of player you want in your team. Willing to give his all and do anything to win a match. For a player who was once a striker he has very little greed and more often than not you see him winning the ball than giving it away.

Luckily for us, Shaun signed a new three year contract in January, so we are under no pressure to sell the player. Maloney is likely to be the figure ahead for whoever now takes over at the club, and too right.

Well done Shaun a season to remember for you, even if we did get relegated.