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Club News: Dave Whelan's Decision on New Manager Next Week

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The search is on for the next Wigan Athletic manager. Dave Whelan who is currently on holiday will begin the search for the next manager in earnest, after the weekend when he returns from Jersey. No rush Dave not like our season starts in just under two months.

Richard Heathcote

So with Roberto Martinez no longer our manager hunt is on. Dave though hasn’t to look for applicants with him saying there has been between 40-50 applicants for the job which is positive news. In days gone by I think we would have been lucky to get a hand full for our vacant positions.

The question now is how long will it take?

Hand you over to Mr Whelan and it could only take the week. Interviews start Monday and are only expected to carry on till the Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. So our new manager could be with us by the end of the coming week.

Who will it be?

Personally I have no idea, for all I know it could be one of the gentlemen I sit next to at the games. If you are looking at the bookmaker’s odds, then it seems a contest between Owen Coyle and Steve McClauren both of whom I feel would be poor choices in light of their last positions.

The next manager though has to be someone for the longevity; they can’t be a quick fix bounce back manager. If it takes us two seasons to consolidate so be it. I want the club to have a manager in who is going to look after the squad of player and nurture the whole club both on and off the pitch.

It’s all going to come down to money. Not how much the manager will be paid, but how much will he have available to buy players for both transfer funds and a wage budget. While money being pumped into developing the youth must be the other big thing. Both of these seem to be the reasons for Martinez’s departure.

Will the next manager agree?