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New Signing Review: Chris McCann

Former Burnley man, and a player that Owen Coyle admires, Chris McCann adds an extra versatile player who can play anywhere in the midfield and also play as a centre back if the need must. Coming in on a free the player gives the team something extra.

Ben Hoskins

With rumours all around that James McCarthy would be heading to Everton, following in the footsteps of Roberto Martinez; such rumours are yet again a float. Wigan needed to sign a midfielder just to cover any loss, and to add more strength to the team.

That man was Chris McCann.

The talented Republic of Ireland international who impressed so much during Owen Coyle’s last spell at Burnley has linked up with his former gaffer here at Wigan. Can it be the same recipe of success? The last time McCann was in a midfield for Coyle, they won promotion with Burnley and embarked on a season Premier League adventure.

Wigan need the promotion and McCann gives us a midfielder with Championship experience who knows how to get out of the league. Currently the only other midfielder with such experience is Jordi Gomez; the rest of our midfielders have yet to taste the nature of the English second division.

The importance of experience is what half the time makes the difference at this level. In the Premier League you can get away with being talented or having a skill you can perform well. Yet in the Championship you have to be able to cope with a variety of different players putting in 110% each and every game you ever play; we talk about every game in the Premier League being winnable, every game in the Championship is losable.