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New Signing Review: Marc-Antoine Fortune

With the club left with only one striker (Arouna Kone) Coyle had to make a move and bring in a player who could make an impact in the team. With the free market being so big this summer, Coyle yet again dipped in and brought the former Celtic and West Bromwich Albion striker to the club.

Michael Regan

The 32 year old striker Marc-Antoine Fortune is an extremely talented player and wherever he had played, he has scored goals, but he is also a damn good assist.

The past three years at West Bromwich Albion hadn’t proved as fruitful as his other two seasons on British soil. Since 2010 he has played 67 games (five of those for Doncaster Rovers) managing only to score seven goals, for a striker who in 2009 and first half of 2010 managed to score 15 goals in 49 appearances.

With the club in need of a striker we have signed a man who has been unable to score consistently. On the flip side though, the striker has managed a total of 20 assists over his five years. Not bad for a man who should be looking to get on the end of them.

Marc may not be a striker, who will score loads, but he is a player who can get goals for other people when he himself isn’t scoring.