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New Signing Review: Grant Holt

Arouna Kone out the door, Wigan had to look for a new striker, and in comes another 32 year old striker, and Grant Holt came in for a fee rumoured to be £2 million. The player is proven at all levels and we have paid for a player who will score goals, so £2 million that could have been well spent.

Paul Gilham

Chris Houghton at Norwich City has slowly but surely tried to wean them of the dependence of the Grant Holt’s goal scoring prowess 68 goals in 154 appearances for them. Last season Holt only managed to score eight goals in 38 appearances, most of those appearances coming from off the bench.

The obvious traits of Grant Holt are there for all to see; strength, power and the ability to get on the end of any balls into the box to get the ball home. With Owen Coyle likely to play a system with only one striker, a big man up front who can score goals is a must.

Holt has shown at many varying levels of the game up and down the country that week in week out he can and will score goals.

That is the obvious plus side to the player. With only Holt and Marc-Antoine Fortune as our only strikers it was going to be vital that we got a man who can find the back of the net on a regular basis, Holt fits that description.