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Attackers Review

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A look at the attackers for the season ahead.

Alex Livesey

It’s time for a review of everyone’s favorite players: the forwards. And with kick-off tomorrow, we want to know who’s going to be scoring for us. Here’s what we might expect out of the youngsters and new signings we have up top.

Grant Holt. The big man up top. That’ll be the role we hope Holt can settle into at the DW. With Holt, we know we have a proven goal scorer. Over his long career, he’s scored up and down the FA. However, now at 32 some may question if he still has it. Sure he’s lost a step, but that was never his game. Holt’s the guy that’s going to use his strength and positional awareness to get his goals this year. Although he’s been a little quiet in the preseason, give Holt some time to settle in. Once the big man gains an understanding with McManaman and Maloney, it should be all systems go.

Callum McManaman. The young McManaman should be one to watch this season. McManaman dazzled at the end of last year’s campaign, and that was going up against premier level defenses. The way I see it, Macca will be one of the best attackers in the Championship. Expect goals. Expect assists. Expect scared defenders.

Nouha Dicko. Dicko has been with the club for 2 years, but he’s never had a cap in the Wigan white and blue. That all changes this year. Dicko has been playing in the Championship for the past two seasons on loan and was able to make a big impact at Blackpool. Expect that Championship experience to pay off this year for the youngster as he looks to break into the Wigan squad. If Coyle is smart, we should see Dicko coming in off the bench to chip in.

Marc-Antoine Fortuné. Just as old as Holt, but not as big of a name, when Fortuné put pen to paper, I figured he’d be a decent signing off the bench. However, it looks like the man has different plans. Fortuné must be feeling good coming to Wigan because he’s been shining in the preseason with some cracking goals. If he keeps this form in the season, he’ll definitely be finding himself a spot in the starting eleven.