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Man of the Match vs. Doncaster

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The Latics left it late on Tuesday when they had to fight back from 2-0 down just to muster up a draw in the closing stages. It was a bittersweet point since we expected more from the lads, but you have to admire the team's resolve. This week I give my MOTM nod to Mr. Shaun Maloney for sparking the comeback.

Chris Brunskill

The Big Baby himself is my Man of the Match from Tuesday night. Maloney gets my approval after an attack-minded performance and of course, bagging a free kick goal. Once Fortune came on, and we moved into a two-striker system, Maloney was able to sit behind the strikers and have more freedom. I feel that's where he's going to make the biggest impact on the team. I really think that when Coyle prepares the team sheet, he needs to center the offense around Maloney.

Runner-Up: Leon Barnett gets my pick for runner-up after destroying his shirt.