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Man of the Match vs Middlesbrough

With Maloney out, the Wigan side looked in desperate for a fresh attack style, but would anyone step up?

Alex Livesey

Sunday's game was an awkward one. We were denied a penalty and awarded another, but you can never use those a way of winning, they're the lucky added extra. And even though you're a goal up because of it, you can't shut down. The Latics seemed to do that and conceded two goals that could have been avoided with stronger defending. It seems to be our biggest weakness right now, and when our attacking key man is out, what hope is there?

In the early game, Fortune gave us a lot of life up front. Pairing with Holt seems to be a good combo and one I'd like to see more of, though we run the risk of injury and fatigue for our only two strikers. After the penalty goal however, Fortune's game began to slow down. He was a threat throughout but he didn't seem as dangerous in the later parts of the game.

Scott Carson was once again instrumental. His saves in the dying stages were brilliant and no one could fault him for the goals. I hope he can keep this form going because our defence is certainly shaky. There's going to be a lot of pressure on him, so let's hope he can handle it.

It's rare that three substitutions in 10 minutes makes such a big difference. Jordi Gomez was instrumental in saving a lost game, what a free kick, not one that I've seen him do before. McClean worked hard down the right and began to cause a lot of problems. The best sub of the match however, is my Man of the Match winner, Roger Espinoza.

The man was inspired. He was such a breath of fresh air to a stale midfield. It's always great to watch him work, but he seemed so much more up for it this game. He had great energy moving forward and ultimately brought about the the free kick that saved the game.

The Latics now need to continue this late game momentum throughout the next few games. The last two matches have proved that the Championship is no walkover, and with our Europa games starting next month, focus is going to be everything.