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New Signings Review: Leon Barnett

The experienced center back become the ninth signing of the Owen Coyle revolution and now supply's the team with a full back line even with two of our experienced defenders. So how much did the former West Brom player cost us, a meager £500,000.

Matthew Lewis

Owen Coyle may not have been mine or a lot of people's first choice for the new manager position; one thing you can't argue with about though is the way he has conducted his business at the club this summer. With so many defenders leaving and two of our players out injured for the long term; we needed reinforcements.

With the additions of Thomas Rogne, Stephen Crainey, Juan Garcia and James Perch we could have risked it and not brought in any new more defenders. Yet Coyle managed to grab a bargain and bring in Leon Barnett for half a million, the 27 year old defender has the experience and the quality to add a real edge to our defense.

Barnett has been around in both the Championship and Premier League level and has been a fan favorite at most of the clubs he has been at. During spells at West Bromwich Albion, Norwich City and last season Cardiff City the defender has been part of a promotion winning team; that a good omen?

Branett has over 83 games at both Championship and Premier League levels. His height and natural body strength lend to him being a natural defender with the ability to play at varying levels. His composure on the ball is also prominent.

In his first game for the club at the weekend Leon excelled, after a few shaky spells as he and James Perch become accustomed to each others games, he looked rarely threaten. Yet in no offense to Barnsley there will be bigger challenges than the strike force they have at their disposal.

The signs are good though for our ninth signing of the summer.