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Community Shield Player To Watch

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This Sunday Wigan squares off against Manchester United for the Community Shield. Although a tough fixture, Pie Eaters will feel we can get the right result. It’ll take a complete team effort, but I think the real difference maker will be Shaun Maloney.

Gareth Copley

There’s no question about it. Maloney is Premier-level midfielder, and this year in the Championship, he should really show his class and prove too much for second division defenses. (He already started this process last weekend with a goal in the season opener.) Since Maloney is a Premier League talent, it’s only fitting that he gets the opportunity to face Manchester United this weekend.

Here are my two simple reasons as to why Maloney is my player to watch this Sunday:

Reason 1: He’s going to take it to the United defense. Typically in these games against giants, the underdog has a tendency to try to sit back and absorb the pressure. Now, I don’t see Wigan coming out this way, but that has a lot to do with Maloney. When you have an option like Maloney in the lineup, you add a lot of creativity to the attack because the man is so comfortable and confident on the ball.

Reason 2

Ok so we know the little Scotsman is going to create chances, but here’s my prediction: look for one to find the back of the net. Maloney goal or assist this Sunday.