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Match Report: Leicester City 2-0 Wigan Athletic

We never seem to do well after an international break. Yet again the trend continued and a team which all the media out lets are claiming are promotion candidates; are playing like a team which is fighting for survival.

Michael Regan

In all honesty this was never going to be an easy game. Away from home against a well coached and well drilled side that could be quite easily on show in the Premier League. However before the international break their had been continued improvement in the side and you felt maybe we could possibly push on yet again.

New additions of Ryan Shotton and Nick Powell to bolster the side and add other options, along with the return from suspension of Callum McManaman. Would all start and reinvigorate the team. Nope wrong Coyle left all three on the bench, before placing James Perch in midfield.

Yet again another quizzical decision by Owen Coyle who continues to show a lack of tactical understanding, the other the use of Jean Beausejour in the left back position. If Coyle is so attached to Perch the better option would have been to play the defender in the left back position where he has played before.

Even so the team that lined up was still filled with talented players who for some reason failed to perform.

As it proved a Leicester dominated game rarely saw Wigan on the ball or in the opposition half. Instead it was trying to see how few goals we could concede for the duration of the game. Scott Carson was on hand to keep the score at a low level, while poorly taken chances by the City players meant Wigan only slumped to a 2-0 lead.

The first goal was a case of classic poor defending. Corner ball and Liam Moore was able to run around his marker before latching onto the ball free in the box to head home.

With 15 minutes gone Wigan had yet to have a clear shot on goal, and Leicester didn't appear to be out of second gear. Roll the cloak forward half an hour, and Owen Coyle must have been glad to be taking his men in with the game only at 1-0.

The second half brought no reprieve, as Wigan failed to change their formation or players on the pitch to change the flow of the match. Instead it was one way traffic. Both Luke Vardy and David Nugent (who were playing up from for Leicester) missed chances through out and impressive second half for the foxes.

But with ten minutes to go, Jean Beausejour's lack of defensive knowledge was caught out. The defender allowing Vardy to get on the inside of him, before the Chilean brought down the forward. Penalty awarded and David Nugent blasted the ball home to make sure of all three points.

No a day to be remember as Wigan yet again look to be in the lurch.

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