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Man of the Match Vs Manchester City

Well, we're knocked out of the cup race by the team we beat for the F.A. Cup. Who were the positives?

Alex Livesey

Rearranging and team shuffling will be come quite regular this season and sometimes several major players will be left out of games. This was our third game in six days, and turned out to be one of those games. I'll be perfectly honest, when I saw the line up before the match, I saw this result coming, perhaps not 5-0 but a big defeat was on the cards. I was surprised  that the first half wasn't as bad as I had expected, but you always felt more could be done. But when the second goal came in, I think everyone, including the players, knew that the flood gates were now open.

Losing this match doesn't both me too much, not even in such a fashion. Less games is important at the moment when you consider how stupid and hectic our schedule has been or could still have been had we won.

No one particularity stood out in this match in my opinion so I've found it hard to make a decision this time around. Having saying that, Jordi Gomez arguably played the best for us but he was not enough to turn things around. Even so, I am awarding him the Man of the Match.

I would also like to give credit to Lee Nicholls for an impressive debut against an extremely tough team, despite all the set backs and despite the five goals. Without some of his impressive stops the score line certainly could, perhaps should, have been higher. His match experience, as well as the other debutants, will be great starting points and are probably the best thing to come out of the match. They've seen the ugly, harsh side of professional football early, now they can put it past them and strive to become terrific players.