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Loan Report: Grant Holt Finding His Feet?

Our outcast striker appears to be, somehow or another, finding his feet away from the club and continues to impress both the management staff and the fans at Huddersfield Town.

Clive Brunskill

Ah Grant Holt, the Carlise born striker suddenly went from hero to villain following his transfer from Norwich City. Unfortunately for him, Holt became the pinnacle of the Owen Coyle era, an ageing player who really didn't do anything for the team. Some of it was justified I will be honest, Holt seemed to indulge on Owen Coyle's lack of training and discipline and his performances gradually worsened.

The once Uwe Rosler took the reigns the striker just didn't quite cut it, which I think we all have to admit is a real shame. Now I am all for players proving me wrong, it is one of the things that happens, but Holt when playing at Wigan I honestly never thought I would see it.

Yet a move away, a fresh start and a manager who will back him, and hey presto; Grant Holt is working his ass off. Or that is what Huddersfield Town and their fans are saying.

Chris Powell (Huddersfield's manager) been so impressed by the striker that he is even talking of extending the deal. Holt has been the lead striker and seems to be reveling in been the main man, which he never quite was here at Wigan. Which could be the problem.

You get players who have to be the main guy, the guy everyone goes to, the leader on and off the pitch. Holt walked in here at Wigan to a team full of leaders and fan favourites; so that was never going to happen.

Yet so long as he continues impress elsewhere, well I am happy for the guy. He never has done anything to a front the fans and we should give him the same respect as we do all out other players. The problem we do have with Holt his his rather large pay cheque.

Hopefully Huddersfield will be inclined to take it permanently off our hands.