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Paper Talk: Gary Caldwell Rules Out Managers Job

The club captain, I know I am not sure how he still has that title, has ruled himself out of the running to be the next gaffer at the club. That is only in the short term though.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Oh Gary Caldwell, you have to say his injuries have been a massive blow to us as a team. Many of you may disagree with me but Caldwell was a fantastic signing when he first turned up at the DW Stadium and well he took the captain role to heart. But as the old saying goes the head is still there but the legs long gone.

Well with that in mind, Gary has stared to collect up his badges and has been working with the kids at the club. Much like Mike Pollitt the club are looking to do a lot of work behind the scenes to keep who is a very influential figure at the club here and integrate him into the coaching system.

So with the managers job up for grabs there had been a few calls for Gary to go for it, well the defender has ruled himself out.

Speaking to Wigan Today he said that both Graham Barrow and Eric Black had asked for him to help them out on the coaching side and will be happy to continue to do so. But as for taking over the reigns that is some way off, Caldwell though said he wouldn't rule it out one day.

Maybe not this time around but would Gary make a good future Wigan Athletic manager do you think?