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Match Preview: Sheffield Wednesday vs Wigan Athletic

Well match two of the Malkay Mackay reign and we face a struggling Sheffield Wednesday. This is a must win game.

Ryan Browne/Getty Images

Well positives from the last game, we created chances, we looked more solid and the return of Chris McCann. Anyone still think he may not be able to hit back to his old best? McCann's performance against Middlesborugh last weekend was inspired and show true character to return from injury in such a way.

Now with the new manager having had a full week to prepare the team for this game and get them up and running can we get that elusive win? My feeling is yes we can, I am starting to feel positive again. I am not too sure if that is a good or bad thing though?Many times when you feel good about Wigan Athletic they hit rock bottom and let you down, this time though I feel we maybe able to conjure something up.

The team itself is short on goals though and it is time that one of our striker stood up and took responsibility for that lack of goals. Marc Antoine Fortune although playing well isn't a natural goalscorer, that just leaves Andy Delort and Oriol Riera. Will one of them be given the chance this weekend?

Delort scored mid-week for the development squad and looked hungry an raring to go. Was it enough for Mackay? I hope so, the French striker playing in front of Shaun Maloney is something that excites me.

So what about Wednesday? Well Stuart Gray's men had a great start to the season and since then, the goals have just dried up, much like us. Now they need points as they begin tumbling down the table, the South Yorkshire club is only five points away from us in 12th, showing you how congested the table is this season.

Three points today for us could massively close the gap to the mid-table and maybe kick start our season. If Mackay can get the lads tight at the back and the front three whoever that maybe can hit some form then maybe just maybe we can win this one.

The man we have to look at for at the back though is Sheffield Wednesday's summer signing of Stevie May. The now Scottish international has only scored three goals for the club so far, but don't let that fool you. The strong and quick striker has a lot in his locker and given the chance could hurt us.

Last week was a trial run for Mackay and well it appeared to be getting off to a good start for our new manager. This time around there will be no such sympathy of his first game, we need results and we are looking towards the new guy to get them.