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Injury Update: Grant Holt Out for up to a Year

The isolated man who looked set to be returned to the team under Malckay Mackay has gone and got himself injured, and it isn't a little one.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

When you need a striker who you going to call? Well since taking over it appears like Mackay has been waiting for the return of Grant Holt to spark our goalscoring form. That idea will now have to be shelved, if it hadn't been already. Holt's form at Huddersfield may have been good, but with only two goals in his time there, it was hardly top quality form.

Yet in Holt's last game for Huddersfield the striker, in what appeared to be a very innocuous challenge, felt something. He was subsequently brought limping off the pitch, the prognosis at Huddersfield Town was that it was time for him to come back to us, which he did.

Yesterday, whilst the team was preparing and playing against Sheffield Wednesday, Holt was finding out that he could be out of football for up to a year. The striker having a cruciate knee ligament injury, at that sort of time scale it must be a complete rupture.

Never a nice injury, and of course wish Holt all the best. It does leave us in a rather sticky situation though, does it mean we will have to look for yet another striker? January will tell us that.